Brazilian SS14 Fashion Weeks Review: Highlights of Fashion Rio + SPFW FashionTV

Gus Franklyn-Bute Editor-in-Chief

FashionTV‘s “Fashion Weeks Review” of Brazil’s Spring Summer 2014, Rio Fashion and Sao Paulo Fashion Week shows, are worth a second look. Full of all the yumminess one expects from Brazil, the continual theme was Vibrancy + Passion + Fun + Beautiful people.  We recommend you find time to kick back, fill up on your favourite summer tipple, grab a healthy snack and enjoy this Latin infused smorgasbord of fashion delights.  And if you only have 5 minutes, why not dip into one of ACU|BIEN’s 5 recommended snippets. The numbers, indicate the point on the counter to start viewing.

  1. 00.42     Cavalera SPFW | Salvador Rocks

    A vibrant collection of print variation in yellows, greens, grays, blacks and a stunning shade of blue. The runway show seems like the coolest 80s Hip Hop vs Rock-n-roll Dance Battle. The universe of jeans is the brand’s focus with women’s ‘short-shorts’ cut to the thread and with menswear that combines street and tailoring.

     02.24     Agua de Coco SPFW | Swimwear

  2. Swimwear and loungewear with no identity crisis – proud and unapologetically Brazilian. If like us you know the joys of supping on fresh Água de Coco (‘Coconut Water’ for our non-Portuguese speakers), one can ever go wrong with a collection replete with engaging imagery, connotative of Latin-American folklore and lush, flora and fauna – a tropical palette of yellows, reds, oranges and blue… The models?… mouth open, eyes wide, jaw frozen gorgeous.

  3. 04.53     Adriana Degreas SPFW | Luxury & Lounge Swimwear

    Close your eyes and imagine 1920s-30s French Riviera when Art Deco was en vogue, influenced by visual arts design of masculine geometric and monochromatic shapes, framed with a delicate, sagacious femininity. You would have conjured this luxurious swimwear collection. ‘Made in Brazil’ – Luxury, idyllic for any resort.

  4. 05.46     Ronaldo Fraga SPFW | SS13 Collection

    From the land of virtuous footballer (soccer) this collection stands out for its ‘not so subtle’ and playful, wearable parody of the great game. Channelling iconographic shapes and influences from football – jersey badges, boot lace-up details, hexagonal patterns and team kits of stripes and the like – all played-out between two goal posts and a makeshift runway football pitch.

  5. 16.21     Blue Man SPFW |Swimwear

    A swimwear brand that has been around since late 60s, but this SS14 collection is a youthful, sassy-swooning idea of prints that are seamlessly drawn from both antiquity-empire and tropicana. It is a dollymixture of flora, fauna, and historic landscapes. In lycra, jeans, silk and neoprene the cut and styling flaunt sexy, without being Essex spray-tan-trashy.