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FRESH NEW LOOK: The Pencil, The Envelope, The Sunglasses

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Courtesy of CKIE Store, an extension of Yanko Design – one of the world’s most read and influential online design magazine – ACU|BIEN features 3 beautifully designed accessories that take classic, everyday items which resonate with nostalgia, whose design and function accords them the status as ‘highly desireable and playful’.  CKIE say, they aim “to inspire, to delight, and to expose you to refreshing products… to make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Magic Pencil Earphones

Instantly loveable!  On discovernig these I immediately remembered that really naughty girl in 1st grade school, Monica, who somehow always got small pencils stuck in her ear.  I wonder, where is Monica how, she would appreciate these Magic Pencil Earphones?


Just like magic, these earphones make it seem as if you have a pencil going through your head. We are used to the classic designs, but these earphones are fun and out of the ordinary, perfect conversation starters.

They are compatible with iPhone and other smartphones. You can play, rewind, fast forward or answer/hang up from the cable and they have a 3.5mm golden plug audio jack.


Magic Pencil Earphones are available in 3 colors: Blue, Orange and Grey.

Material Silicone, Plastic
Size 7.7″ x 5.2″ x 1.0″
Impedance 32mm @ 1 KHz
Sensitivity 103 dB/mW @ 1 KHz

PRICE: $30.00 USD.  This product ships from the US.

Envelope Bag

This utterly charming Envelope Bag instantly makes you grim with desire. It is one level up from the ‘usual’ and is an ideal solution for guys who would never be seen dead with a ‘man bag’.


Envelope Bag 05-2_2048x2048

A simple, yet stylish design for a cross body bag. It evokes a paper envelope with a tie, but unlike paper, this bag is durable and strong. This synthetic leather bag is perfect to carry your iPad and other gadgets. It has an insert pocket with multiple pouches for smaller items, a brilliant way to avoid losing them in the bottom of the bag.

Envelope Bag 03_2048x2048

The Envelope Bag comes with an adjustable strap that can be used to wear the bag cross body, on your back or across your chest. The strap is also detachable so you can remove it and use it on its own as you would with a paper envelope.

Material Synthetic Leather
Size 9.8″ x 13.4″

$50.00 USD. This product ships from the US.

Looking Good Sunglasses Mirror

This is a statement piece that works well in a contemporary design space – whether a modern home, loft-conversion apartment, or a commercial office or shop for a lifestyle business, where image,customer engagement and experience really matters.

By: Thabto

Make sure you are always Looking Good and in style with this sunglasses mirror. The perfect statement piece that will surely make an impact in any space.

Looking Good Sunglasses Mirror is a one-meter-wide wall mounted mirror, inspired by the classic sunglasses design. It is made in mirrored glass and can be fixed to a wall with only 2 screws.

Material UV High Impact Polystyrene, Mirrored Glass, Steel Brackets
Size 350mm x 1000mm x 116mm
Weight 2.7kg
Packaging Recyclable Corrugated Card, includes Screws, Wall Plugs

Please ensure you use the correct fixings for your wall. No guarantee is given that the fixing provided is suitable for all wall types, so it is recommeded that advice is sought from an expert, if in doubt.

$310.00 USD. This product ships from the UK.

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13 October, 2014