FASHION FEATURE: Mefie woven Raffia Tote Bags

Gus Franklyn-Bute Editor-in-Chief

Mefie Woven Raffia Tote Bags: Highly Desirable, Affordable Luxury

Mefie Orange raffiaSTYLE PREDICTION: Owning a Mefie woven raffia tote will make your friends secretly jealous and cause strangers to talk to you.

CAVEAT: ACU|BIEN assume you value the skills of traditional artisans, have a heightened sense of design aesthetics and love practical, affordable luxury.

Mefie [pronounced mé-fí-éy means “my home” in Twi] is an exicting, emerging brand of handbags and housewares that is the dreamchild of Samantha White – an engaging entrepreneur who in 2012 stepped away from a senior role in pharmaceutical research to launch Mefie.

Monochromatic trends for SS14 and beyond

Mefie‘s raffia tote bags’ signature design feature is strong and stylishly vivacious monochromatic colours.  Fashioned in blue, green, purple, pink. black, brown, tan and ACU|BIEN‘s favourite orange these desirable totes are perceptively on trend for the Spring Summer 2014 (SS14) and a practical addition to any wardrobe to last well into many seasons to come.  The opportunity to mix, match and play with Mefie’s thoughfully crafted totes gives freedom to luxuriate in your chosen design all year round, whether for day or evening occasions.

green bag

The large totes are an ideal day bag for the city, roomy enough to accomodate the gym kit for that afterwork spin class or that last minute trip to the supermarket for that bottle of prosecco and healthy options TV dinner after a long day at work.

Mefie combines traditional artisanship, modern designs

ACU|BIEN recently caught up with Samantha White to hear the story behind Mefie, its beginnings and its future.  Mefie’s ethos is heart warmingly engaging and reflects with our own pledge to give credence, space and voice to individuals and emerging brands that are on a selfless journey to redefine luxury lifestyle living.  Mefie’s luxury handbags is “bringing an Afro-chic edge to your wardrobe day and night.”  Samantha is living her designs having launched Mefit with a range of beautiful housewares. “When I first bought my house, I was looking for something that was African inspired and on not finding anything, ended up making a lot of the soft furnishings.”

pink bag2


Mefie designs affordable luxury bags and housewares

Raffia ‘cloth’ has ancient orgins traceble to West Central Africa and produced from the fibre of the raffia palm. Traditional artisans and ancestors understood the value of raffia as a pliable, soft and durable natural fibre, easy to dye and may be produced in various forms with multiple applications.  Proudly produced in Madagascar, Mefie is the only brand, certainly in the UK, known to be offering a full range of beautifully modern affordable luxury woven tote bags of this quality.  While uber luxury houses like Dolce & Gabbana, Emilio Pucci, Chanel and Vivienne Westwood appreciate the value, beauty and craftsmanship of working with raffia, none seem to fully embrace the quality of the African artisanship, heritage and provenance.

cream bag

Mefie woven raffia totes are carefully constructed using double-layered raffia segments. The internal layer is a hard-wearing matting, while the external layer is a naturally dyed raffia and both are interlaced to create pieces. Each tote is acutely finished with leather handles, full zip closure and the necesary internal pocket to keep items safe. The array of confident colours add an instant zip to the Spring season wardrobe, and leads up the expectantly glorious summer months as an ideal carrier on beach days to compliments that swinwear you have been longing to slip into during those long dark, and rainy winters months.

Mefie handwowen raffia totes and other housewares are available online at


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10 March, 2014