FEATURED MUSIC : Last Winter's Sparrow - The Venus Bushfires

Gus Franklyn-Bute Editor-in-Chief

A live performance of the The Venus Bushfires (Helen Parker-Jayne Isibor)  is an opportunity never, never to be missed. I had the pleasure to see a short set at the Village Underground and was mesmerised.  Her mastery of the Hang drum and dexterity in creating a stunning blend of vocal and musical tones and colours, burrows into the mind of your soul, capturing your every being and transports you – somewhere else, effortlessly. I am so, so happy to share The Venus Bushfires’ “Last Winter’s Sparrow” in the hope it inspires and touches you in some way.

The Venus Bushfires Bio

The Venus Bushfires is a collective of one and many, of which Helen Parker-Jayne Isibor is the only constant member. The Nigerian born singer-songwriter, composer and performance artist explores the ethereal sounds of the hang, the power of the talking drum and the quirks of children’s toys cross-fertilising multiple visual and musical styles.

Helen harnesses influences from Avant-garde, psychedelic, tribal and meditative arts and draws inspiration from 70s musical pioneers such as Fela Kuti and Can, creating music and stories that explore the sensual and the spiritual.

Helen has become known for her captivating and trance inducing live sets, immersive performance- art shows and impromptu sound journey displays in unusual spaces. She has created music for Sony PlayStation and Disney and her song’s have featured on French TV and documentary films.

In 2008 she orchestrated the world’s first ever ‘hang flash gig’ which was broadcast on Channel 4.

Last summer she played percussion with Sir Paul McCartney, which she says was an “unexpected, accidental and beautiful blessing”. In February 2013 performed at the Victoria and Albert museum, London Fashion Week and the Old Vic Tunnels. She’s also played at a number of 2013 summer festivals. Her debut EP The Venus Bushfires was released February 2013 in available on iTunes and other online sites (see CREDIT below for more details).

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