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Sounds like – So we’ve downloaded Scream and Shout v. 2.0 which now comes with a patch that fixed the will.I.am lead vocal bug on the original and throws in a new EDM beat.

Britney Spears get’s political with rally cries?

In what is the lead single for her as yet titled, hotly anticipated eighth studio album, Britney Spears takes a thoughtful approach in her craft, taking on the employment crisis in the United States of America in what will undoubtedly become her The Times They Are A-Changing. Undoubtedly, Work Bxtch will set her apart as the Mary Travers of our generation, whom she has referenced previously in the lyric Peter, Paul and Mary (a nod to the 1960s social commentary/folk group) from her 2009 smash 3. Calling on listeners to go call the police, go call the governor, Spears encourages the disenfranchised American citizen to make their leaders and the system in which they live accountable for the sliding American dream and reminds us that if we want the luxuries we once took for granted that we must work hard for them, using the term bitch only as a medium to connect with a younger, oppressed audience. YEAH RIGHT! That is probably the most intelligent that any review of this single will ever be and 99.9% of it is BS (and I don’t mean Britney Spears).

On her latest dance pop misadventure with super producer will.I.am, Britney returns, as the Britney Army (cues the rolling eyes of the Rihanna Navy) coins it, as Britishney; reprising her role as the sing-speak electropop diva that assisted Scream and Shout to the echelons of pop royalty on this, its baby sister.

The Britishney Robotic Seductress

In her best across-the-pond accent/22nd century robot seductress voice, Spears lists a number of aspirational items, qualities and experiences before reminding you that the only way you can get these things is to not-so-subtly, work your butt off – unlike the suggestions of her earliest pop rival (no shade), there is no genie in a bottle. Mark my words “You wanna hot body, you wanna Bugatti, you wanna Maseratti, you better work bxtch!!will soon become an iconic string of lyrics destined to be eternally associated with her career and referenced ad nauseam much like it’s Britney bxtch or oops! She did it again for many years to come.

Work Bxtch is certainly not anything new for Spears who is no stranger to sweaty EDM inflected tracks, but what it does lack when stacked against its predecessors like Toxic, Hold It Against Me, Gimme More and even I Wanna Go is a real melodic element to make it pop radio palatable to anyone else beyond a circle of voguing, boa bedecked queens at a club on the Lower East Side…this is a compliment to the song’s strength as a certified club banger by the way.

Lennon Chandler disappointed?

After months of taunting us with tweets and Facebook statuses of beautiful ballads, no autotune, vocal training and a more personal and reflective 8th studio LP, for me as a Britney stanfan, I am a little disappointed to hear yet another processed, dance track, which to add insult to slight injury, doesn’t even feature her giving of her vocal best. Then again, what did we expect when we heard that will.I.am (his name a constant reminder of Yoda’s linguistic abilities) would be producing this track? Surely not Ray of Light nor dare I say Frozen, the vein in which I had hoped Britney would have emulated to start off what is to be an introspective record.

For all that Work Bxtch is not, it remains a bona fide club banger, with a blitzkrieg of perfect EDM ingredients on its label; undeniably catchy call-outs, that hypnotic hook and a frenzied beat which as the song climaxes is the kind of aural motivation one needs when just at the brink of fading to black on the treadmill – move over Scream and Shout, I’ve found a new workout theme song.

Be that as it may, once Spears and friends throw a title on the upcoming record, I hope that it lives up to its more subdued and reflective promises and delivers less of the foaming EDM that characterizes Work Bxtch; there’s only so much dancing a diva can do before her show becomes tiresome.

What do you think of Britney’s latest single, Work Bxtch? Hit me baby one more time or toxic waste?

W O R K  B X T C H  – B R I T N E Y  S P E A R S




3 October, 2013