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Sounds like – The ‘white girl Rihanna’ version of “What Now”, in my opinion, slightly catchier.

Wrecking Ball: Another trick out of her faux-ghetto hat?

After her critically panned, cringe-worthy VMA 2013 showing, likening anything remotely associated with Miley Cyrus to a wreck, or a wrecking ball for that matter, seemed absolutely fitting. However, just when you thought Miley’s career was doomed to a future of woefully unappealing tongue baring and off-kilter twerking, she pulls another trick out of her faux-ghetto hat, with the power ballad Wrecking Ball. 

Exposing an emotional vulnerability that following her outlandish summer anthem We Can’t Stop, is not only surprising, but refreshing, Cyrus takes on the devastating toll left in the wake of her pursuing a romance that was destined for rubble and ruin…a not so subtle hint at the mechanics of her on again off again relationship with Liam Hemsworth? All I pray of the young twerk team queen is to not become coyly bitter like fellow teen pop cum prom night phenom Taylor Swift and write a song about every failed relationship/fling in the 7-11 car park/one night stand she experiences – I beseech thee Miley.

The pop tart completely nude

Vocally, Wrecking Ball reminds the public (beyond nauseating reruns of Hannah Montana) why Cyrus is considered a singer. She effortlessly evokes passion and frustration on each chorus as she emphasizes how her former beau has wr-e-e-ecked her, that part a trifle silly but incredibly catchy.

In true Miley fashion, as of late at least, the video while meant to embody a quite literal interpretation of her world collapsing around her at the mercy, or lack thereof, of a demolition ball, finds the pop tart completely nude and setting tongues wagging, much like her own chameleon-length proboscis. Poetic license maybe? She’s probably trying to equate her physical nudity to being stripped bare emotionally, or maybe I am REACHING. Here tears replace twerks and looking past her obvious publicity stunts and antics, it is a beautifully shot visual to accompany this dazzling single.

I can now honestly say that I am a bit more than curious about what the rest of Miley’s upcoming album, Bangerz, will have in store after sampling what I consider an instant, modern pop classic.

P/S The video’s entire aesthetic? Mmhmm, Rated R Rihanna. Thus my white girl Rihanna theory is proven.

What do you think of Miley’s latest single? Think it’s a train wreck or does she wr-e-e-eck you in a good way? Check it out below:

W R E C K I N G  B A L L – M I L E Y  C Y R U S



2 October, 2013