Shady Business: Part I - #Eyeswag

Anthony Best Lifestyle Editor 

The male form relies on very little in his arsenal to command attention, and while some may negotiate how best he should accessorize, the most powerful choice is that which most easily draws attention – the face. And nothing beats a man in the right eyewear – scratch that – rather, the perfect #eyeswag ! It’s the antithesis of his style, be it his signature or safe place. The perfect eyewear can transform the male specimen from “homie” to Renaissance man, no sweat. Onlookers with questionably discerning qualities would suggest that all sunglasses accomplish the same outcome, but others would argue that some eyewear are more equal than others.  However, to ignore the fact that we are taking about an accessory pour le visage, means that finding the perfect fit is non-negotiable.

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Edgy, with a side of Snobby

Nothing should be average about your shades. Personally, I love my #eyeswag to be edgy with a side of snobby, and considering that prices may range from $5- $500 (affordable luxury), men are increasingly opting to slide up the higher end of the price range in order to step out with the ‘sickest’ eyewear, ever. The obvious reason is quality.  The statement you make when you step out and your carefully selected #eyeswag declare your understanding of the finer qualities of men’s style is obvious to all around. Thus, mega brands like Persol and Ray Ban are highly sought after as they depict the man as modern, yet classic.

After some research we found the most coveted styles in eyewear for men on the market right now and, just as we thought, most are classics that have served men for a generation, and have returned with a modern edge. As always, we also thought it would be great to find a not so regular guy (Model: Ben Doucette) and see what he would do with a lush collection of men’s eye wear. And after an afternoon shooting with me, what came about was truly worth sharing. Ladies (and Gents) enjoy!

AAAA The Ripley

Your #eyeswag  should make you feel like Tom Cruise in slow motion, in Top Gun with the soundtract ‘You Take My Breathe Away‘ resonating as you stride forth. If it doesn’t, then what’s the point? We have eyes to wear gorgeous eyewear (will to sell that one to Victoria Beckham). Make a statement by completing an outfit with an exclamation!!!, NOT the question… what were you thinking??  Be warned, leading designs may lend to that edgy aura-persona, but get it wrong and you prepare for the sniggers and raise eyesbrows that translate to douche bag.  ACU|BIEN offers the basic steps that can help any man step out in the best sunnies.


AAA The PlayboyAlmost always the quality lends directly to the fit, so why waiver? The brands appeal because they represent great quality and understand how lifestyles differ. Specs have graduated from mere style and function to tech-savvy and somewhat futuristic. The best designer eyewear ensure you have the choices that include dimming the sun’s light, improving your vision and making you look great, no compromise. Polarized lenses have revolutionised how we view life behind our glasses, reducing glare and harsh white light and allowing us to see the depth and rich colours. Micro-fibre, poly carbonate, titanium, iridium and hydrophobic are words that resonate in a man’s vocabulary, they assist him in looking fine, not fake.

2. Never compromise your #eyeswag.

One pair, though prudent, can never be enough.  A collection allows you to play on the playboy style and make getting dressed both fun and complete. You wouldn’t wear flak jackets (Oakley) with a tux. Why? You just shouldn’t. Having a pair of sunglasses that define or capture the moment is especially integral in the age of instant snaps from camera phones and the immediacy of social media. Compromising your #eyeswag is not an option. Having a pair that you love most is natural, but having a pair that supports each mood and genre of your lifestyle is way better!

AAAA The Intellectual 

3. Live on the edge

Have some fun once you have found that pair that makes you look like James Dean in every movie. The idea of sunglasses isn’t all wrapped up in function, but also in fantasy. It’s fun to unleash your wild side, and take a break from the conventional. The sporty guy, business guy, artsy guy and classic guy are all sides of the same man, and his collection should emphasize that.

AAA The Playboy All American

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28 August, 2013