Review :The Duppy Share, Caribbean Rum

Gus Franklyn-Bute Editor-in-Chief

In the midst of a British summer with weather that calls to mind chilled-out days in a luxury Caribbean, island paradise, the newest independent and premium Caribbean rum, The Duppy Share has been launched.

Duppy Share BottleTruly smooth and topically golden, The Duppy Share, as contemporary Caribbean rum is leading the charge to revolutionise rum in the UK’s spirits world. Paying homage to the Caribbean’s fine rum heritage, provenance and master craftsmanship, The Duppy Share is a balanced and superb blend of the best in class of two rums: a fine three year old, 100% pot still Jamaican and the an exceptional five year old Barbados rum, accented with smooth, oaky notes and a caramel tone.

The Duppy Share is skilfully crafted, distilled and aged in Barbados by fourth generation rum masters using aged American oak bourbon barrels which lend this premium blend its golden hue.

The Westbourne Drinks Co, the new company behind The Duppy Share is founded in London by Rum Adventurer George Frost and start-up guru Jessica Swinfen, formerly of Innocent Drinks. They say rum is yet to experience the same premiumisation as other spirits. Along with a superior taste and beautiful presented, the brand conjures the spirit of independence and a discerning lifestyle to consumers – doing what has recently been done so successfully for vodka and gin.

George Frost says “rum hasn’t undergone the same level of premiumisation as other spirits, and so there is huge growth potential for the category. The Duppy Share will seize this golden opportunity by bringing a contemporary and great tasting product to market that bottles the real spirit of the Caribbean.”

The Duppy Share is a mixologist dream. Ideal for luxurious Caribbean swizzle cocktails, but its excellence suggests this premium offering should not be over blended to conserve quality. This rum works superbly in a balanced measure of agave nectar (light and mild), fresh lime and a dash of Angostura bitters, served of ice (crushed or cubed).

ACU|BIEN ran a taste test serving two versions of quality Caribbean rum punches and a neat serving of The Duppy Share, to both rum adventurers and non-traditional rum drinkers. While all versions were thoroughly enjoyed, the overwhelming preference was for the straight rum among both groups. Such is the quality of The Duppy Share that it drinks immaculately as a sipping rum, and new rum drinkers may certainly appreciate its versatility as an all year spirit, even served warm during chilly winter nights.

The Duppy Share on ACU|BIEN

The introduction of The Duppy Share as a new independent and premium Caribbean rum by The Westbourne Drinks Co should resonate a refreshing welcome by Caribbean rum industry. With the global rum market dominated by colossal producers such Pernod Ricard, Bacardi and Diageo, who value uniformity and flexibility in their production and value chain, predicates their mass market branding, advertising and promotional strategies too often make little or no direct attribution to the origins of Caribbean rums, despite its long history and fine heritage. The continuity, survival and future of Caribbean rums and its industry in the global market, therefore resides with smaller producers and connoisseurs who value the premium attributed to the mastery and heritage of Caribbean rum producers.

The Duppy Share, which is bottled in London, takes its name from the dark spirits of Caribbean folklore known as duppies. It is said that in the dead of night, when the distillers’ backs are turned, they journey between islands, stealing a share of the rum left ageing in old oak barrels. Spirit masters, and skilled in the fine art of blending, the duppies take only the best. The Caribbean’s equivalent to whisky’s Angel Share, this is The Duppy Share.

A beautifully designed bottle complements the superior taste of The Duppy Share blend, with an evocative label design inspired by 1930s travel posters that brings alive the nostalgic, sophisticated Caribbean feel of the brand.  Yet, inspired by George’s love of the Caribbean, The Duppy Share captures the spirit of the islands whilst representing a taste of the modern Caribbean.

The Duppy Share is currently available exclusively in Selfridges and rolling out in bars and restaurants across the UK.

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4 August, 2014